The Temple Revealed

Learn How An Engineers Crumbling Faith In The Scholars Was Used To

Uncover The “Prophetic” Secret
To Unraveling 3000 Years Of
Temple Mount History,
In Just One Sitting.

Dr. Christian Widener

Foreword by
Josh McDowell

For Truth Seeking Dot-Connectors,
Looking To Solve An Ancient Mystery

Current Events Are Showing That
And I’m Going To Be Ready!
Will You?

Everyone Interested In The Temple Mount Needs To Take This Study Seriously.

Wow! This Really Is Excellent Work.
I Think You Have Me Convinced, Honestly.

Both Logical And Biblical


Come discover a pile of evidence
that reveals the true former location
of the Jewish temple and
how quickly it could be rebuilt
as a sign to the nations pointing to
the last days…

“All it takes to establish a fixed location is a datum and a point of alignment… We now reliably have both.”

I hope you will go on this journey with me to find the true location of the Jewish temple and learn about little known biblical prophecies that have been fulfilled in modern times.

This book reveals what has been hidden in plain sight using biblical prophecy, engineering, forensics, and logic to sift through historical records and archaeological findings to develop new insights. 

It is the testimony of historians and archaeologists, alongside logical deduction and reason, that should convince you of the truth.

My job with this book is just to present things in a way that makes that easier…

In this book I discuss the real evidence that settles once and for all where the temple was located before it was destroyed in 70 A.D. in the hopes that it will be rebuilt in our days.

Published October 9th, 2020

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2nd Edition of the Temple Revealed video below. Edited to include additional evidence for the northern location and to add information about alternate theories and objections, with Author background and philosophy removed. (38 min)
25 minute summary detailing the key findings from THE TEMPLE REVEALED.

What’s Next?

Finding Solomon

Rediscovering the Works of Israel’s Greatest Builder

In my next book, I explore how Israel’s greatest builder was allegedly lost, but in reality, many of his projects can still be seen all over Israel.

The purpose of this book is to not only defend the biblical narrative by restoring the historicity of King Solomon, but also to further support the findings of my first book regarding the precise location of the temple on the Temple Mount.

Once these revelations are out, it should no longer be possible to have any doubt about the veracity of the biblical accounts of Solomon. I also guarantee that anyone who has visited Israel before, will be blown away to know that much of what they have seen was not built by Herod, Hadrian, Constantine, the Byzantines, the Umayyads, the Crusaders, or even the Ottomans, but was built by Solomon. To be sure, all of those groups left their mark on the city of Jerusalem, but they didn’t completely erase Solomon’s works, as popularly believed.

Expected Release: Late 2023

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