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Dr. Christian Widener

Christian Widener is a follower of Jesus Christ, a devoted husband, and a father to four children. Professionally, he is an engineer, researcher, and author. He has a passion for the scientific defense of the scriptures, biblical archaeology, and for the study of end-times prophecy, which have been the subject of his deep personal study for more than fifteen years. Christian’s approach is to start with a literal understanding of Scripture and then just keep digging until you find the solution. Too often, researchers and scholars abandon a biblically literal position in favor of secular findings or interpretations when, with additional thought and consideration of the evidence, a literal biblical view is actually more defensible and better supported by the new data.

Sometimes it’s like working on a Rubik’s® cube puzzle. Just because you can’t solve it right away, doesn’t mean there’s no solution. And when you do find the solution, it should be obvious to others as well…

In his professional career, he is an entrepreneur and internationally recognized expert in the fields of solid-state metals deposition, additive manufacturing, and repair. He earned his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering with an emphasis in materials and manufacturing from Wichita State University, and was formerly a tenured associate professor at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.

Christian lives in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota with his wife and four children, who are homeschooled.

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