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The Last Days Have Arrived.
Are You Looking For An Evidence-Based-Assessment Of Bible Prophecy And An Uncompromising, Multi-Disciplinary Approach That’s Sensible, Convincing & Rooted To The Scriptures… Then You Have Landed On The Right Spot!

Do you believe in Bible Prophecy?

Do you think that we may be in, or are about to enter, the Last Days?

Well, I think you’re right, and I’ve put together a ton of evidence to support that conclusion.

Check out my latest book, WITNESSING THE END: Daniel’s Seventy Sevens and the Final Decree Everyone Missed.

This is one you don’t want to miss!

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The Age of the Earth and the End of Days

The early church father, Hippolytus, writing circa 190-236 AD, believed that there was a connection between the Sabbath, the age of the Earth, and Christ’s 1000-year millennial reign on the Earth described in Revelation chapter 20.

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